The BASF Board of Directors is the group of elected board members, whose volunteer responsibilities is to set the mission and direct senior staff to implement their goals and objectives. They meet approximately monthly in various locations throughout the BASF Territory. Either Builders or Associate members can sit on the Board of Directors, but a numerical majority must be builders. BASF can have up to 42 Board Members according to their by-laws, but there are 34 sitting at this time. They serve a one-year term. There are no “term-limits” on Board members, who are approved at the Association’s October Annual meeting.
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BrianAdlerAssociate Board MemberBilzin, Sumberg, Baena, Price & Axelrod, LLP
MarisolArboleda-DiazAssociate Board MemberGables Construction Group
CharlesBreckerAssociate Board MemberArnstein & Lehr, LLP
AndreBrownAssociate Board MemberAssociation Law Group
TammyFechnerAssociate Board MemberSun Sentinel Company, LLC
NelsonRodriguezAssociate Board MemberCT Solutions South, Inc.
TracySlavensAssociate Board MemberHolland and Knight LLP
AndrewBerkowitzBuilder Board MemberBerkowitz Development Group
JorgeCeperoBuilder Board MemberPrime Group
HeleneHollubBuilder Board MemberHollub Homes
DiegoOjedaBuilder Board MemberRilea Group
DiegoRodriguezBuilder Board MemberVRM Companies
GaryShearBuilder Board MemberShear Construction & Management, LLC.
LisaSynalovskiBuilder Board MemberL. Synalovski CBC, Inc.

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