The Executive Committee is BASF’s annually elected Leadership: President, Incoming President, and Second Vice President. The current president selects the following leaders for his or her term: Vice President of Government Affairs, Vice President of Finance and Nominating Committee. The President can make several Presidential Appointments. The basis for leadership includes participation as Vice President of one of the Government Affairs Committees, or the Finance Committee. Rising through these positions ensures that the Association has a strong leadership continuum with a focus on the Association’s long term goals and objectives.

First NameLast NameTITLEEmail
RichardGomezImmediate Past
TomDavidImmediate Past Vice
CarolinaHerreraIncoming 2018-2019
JoseGonzalezIncoming 2020-2021
LizetteFernandezPresidential Appointee -
NoahBreakstonePresidential Appointee -
RichardHortonPresidential Appointee -
DeborahReyesPresidential Appointee - Hall of