Building and Inspection Services in Municipalities 4-14-2020
Dade Cities Latest Building Inspections Availability 4-14-2020

Comtread PPE Supply
PPE Comtread

Status of Miami Dade Building Departments 4-9-2020
Status of Miami-Dade Building Departments 4-9-2020

Modified Procedures for Building Code Inspections 4-13-2020
Modified Procedures for Building Code Inspections during COVID-19 EMERGENCY PERIOD Virtual Inspections

Hot Off the Press:
Latest CDC Guidelines – 4-9-2020

CDC-Guidelines-4-9-2020 critical-workers-implementing-safety-practices.pdf

BASF’s Week 3 COVID-19 Update Memo to Members – 4-10-2020

Final BASF Member COVID Update Week 3.pdf

City of Miami Policies
City of Miami Building and Inspection Policies during COVID-19 Emergency 3-30-2020


Miami-Dade County Orders and Policies during COVID-19 Emergency:
Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez’ Emergency Order 10-20 (Restricts gathering of 10 people or more; closes beaches, bars, restaurants, includes social distancing reqmts for “essential services” or businesses)


Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez’ Emergency Order 20-20 dated 4-9-2020 (face masks to be worn in most public places)

Miam-Dade Mayor Emergency Order 20-20 04.09.20.pdf

Miami Dade Procedures for Third Party Building Inspections

Third Party Inspection Statement Final Approved (3).pdf

Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department – Updated Services Available

WASD-Updated Servcies-Availability 4-6-2020.pdf

Miami-Dade General Permitting and Construction Industry – General Information site:

Miami-Dade Permitting Information – Specific Departmental information for numerous RER department procedures including the required submittals.

State Level Documents of interest:

Gov DeSantis’ Executive Order 20-52 re: Extending duration of all Building Permits for six months during State of Emergency



Gov DeSantis’ Executiv Order 20-91 – State of Emergency, Construction designated as “Essential” (includes 35-page Homeland Security Memo, also provided as a stand-alone document below.


Gov DeSantis’ Executive Order 20-92 – Clarifying Order 20-91, indicating that no city can institute policy more restrictive than those outlined in 20-91, designating construction as an essential service. (effectively prohibiting any municipality or county from shutting down construction projects without “cause”(COVID-19 outbreak or other building code violation)


Federal-Level Documents of interest:

NAHB’s Construction and Jobsite Safety Recommendations website – Bi-lingual, professionally prepared set of materials.

U.S Dept. of Homeland Security/CISA Guidance Memorandum – Construction Designated as an “Essential Service”