Enact Comprehensive Immigration Reform

The home building industry, with the contribution of a substantial immigrant workforce, plays a critical role in sustaining the national economy and meeting the nation’s housing needs. It is estimated that more than 20 percent of the building industry’s workforce is foreign-born, making the immigrant population key to meeting housing demand and sustaining growth in the industry.

As Congress turns to a broader conversation on immigration reform, NAHB is urging lawmakers to take steps to make a system that is workable. Specifically, NAHB strongly urges Congress to focus on the direct employer-employee relationship so that U.S. employers remain accountable only for the identity and work authorization status of their direct employees, and not for the employees of other businesses.

NAHB also urges Congress to create an efficient, temporary guest worker program that allows employers to recruit legal immigrant workers when there is a shortage of domestic workers and allows these immigrants to be put on the path to temporary or permanent legal residency or citizenship. Finally, NAHB supports congressional efforts to address the concerns created by the growing undocumented immigrant population and create a system whereby they can achieve legal status.

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