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Miami-Dade Commercial Vehicle ID Ordinance Creating Value for Our Members Every Day

We recently learned from AGC that Miami Dade Police are enforcing the “Commercial Vehicle  Identification” Ordinance (Sec 8A-276) resulting in at least one fine of $210.00. This ordinance defines “commercial vehicle” as “any vehicle whether horse-drawn, motor drive or towed, and used,constructed, or equipped for the transportation of goods, merchandise, tools, or equipment in trade, commerce, or industry.” It requires that all such vehicles must “at all times display, permanently affixed and plainly marked on both sides in letters and numerals not less than three (3)inches in height.”
The name, address and telephone number of the owner thereof The numbers of all occupational and business licenses issued to the owner thereof. If the vehicle is rented, all the requirements apply to the lessee or user and not the owner, may be paperboard, and attached by means of tape, at the time such vehicle is delivered to the user or lessee.
If your vehicles do not comply and you operate in Miami- Dade County, this is a “Head’s Up” to correct. For example, the vehicle ticketed and fined did not have the address of the owner, though all other information was properly displayed.