New FEMA Maps – Coming soon….?

FEMA Map Changes – Pending but not published yet. After discussion with senior County staff, it was confirmed yesterday that FEMA maps will be changing for all Palm Beach County property owners. FEMA Maps are the basis for the Federal governments Flood insurance program and the premiums we all pay for this “must-have” Florida coverage. It is rumored, from those who have seen the maps, that many properties will be reclassified to require more flood protection, which will mean a flood insurance premium increase.


No specific date has been published as to when the updated maps will be published. However, County staff advises that, once they are officially released, the public has a 90-day public comment period, to comment and propose amendments. This will give property owners the opportunity to review the maps, and file map amendments if they think their property has been reclassified to an incorrect new (and more expensive) flood zone category.