Unnecessary building code requirement? Really expensive…..Your BASF Membership today? Priceless!

Another hard-fought BASF Legislative Victory…..

Two key building code provisions were about to be implemented  – to industry’s detriment. BASF and FHBA, our state association in Tallahassee, and key builder members, worked hard to obtain a much needed one-year delay in two important code provisions:

  • The first delay relates to an additional Fire Access elevator, lobby, stair access and other requirements that would have affected any builder of high-rise structures (for any use).
  • The second delay is about a new ventilation test, which many builders were unaware of, even after education classes had been offered.

These two Building Code provisions have been DELAYED FOR ONE YEAR so that we can:

  1. Delve into the engineering and building science basis for adding a second fire service access elevator, lobby area, fire stairs and related space and equipment needs for what could be an unjustified and expensive “over-kill” code idea.
  2. Confirm that builders are sufficiently educated about the blower door test and ensure there are sufficient trained professionals to conduct these tests.
  3. These provisions were ready to be implemented in the June 30th, 5th Edition but we got the delay in the nick of time…..” 

Unncessary buildng code requirement? Really expensive…..Your BASF Membership today? Priceless!